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Dr. Smiles
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Seaport - Airport Road
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Client testimonials

I had undergone a root canal treatment five years back, at a different dental clinic, which had procedures that were rather cumbersome and painful. It took me quite a while to get out of the trauma post treatment. Recently, a few weeks back, the same tooth that was treated, was hurting due to severe infection and I was petrified of visiting a dentist again. But my infection started affecting my day to day activities and I decided to visit Dr Smiles this time. The clinic on the whole looked pretty neat, clean and cool, a smiling staff gave a warm welcome and Dr Biji just made things so easy. Explained everything in detail and half of my concerns just vanished. Since I had been suffering for quite a long time with the infected tooth, I decided to get it extracted, though I had my inhibitions due to the previous nightmares. But through Dr Biji's careful procedure, I didn't even know how the entire extraction session got over like in a jiffy. To make it concise, at Dr Smiles you get: * Specialized treatment by internationally accredited and well experienced doctors like Dr Biji * High quality and international standards maintained in equipments and procedures * Spot on hygienic and clean clinic and procedures

- TomThomas, kochi

"Strongly recommend DR SMILES,to all,I came with lot of fear after having a traumatic experience as a child,but Dr Biji with her pleasing words made me at ease ,and i went out with no more fear of the dentist.Big Thank you to the team ."

- Lubisha, Mumbai

I went for a routine scaling and it was very nice experience. Thanks to Dr. Biji. A bit expensive but it's worth it as the clinic is well equipped and most modern. I would strongly recommend Dr Smiles Clinic to my circle.

- Sooraj M,